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Quite a chunky, new piece of mine in ‘Spiked Review’. It’s an adapted extract (new first paragraph) from a longer book essay called ‘The Footman’s New Clothes’ that coming out in this ‘AfroEuropeans’ volume, of which more anon, but this part is, essentially, on Racism and how we (UK black artists, activists and other interested parties) might move beyond the dominance of that issue/ frame to help prod Europe to more progressive pastures… Worth checking out


And a golden oldie: a talk/ reading from a residency at Georgetown University…


This was a fun photoshoot, for the fiftieth anniversary of the Spitalfields Crypt Trust. The photographer, Lawrence Watson, is a music industry legend, and it was great to do something with him and for a fine cause…


You wait half a lifetime to cross paths with the great director Ken Loach and then twice in a hurry…We both featured in this ‘Diversifying Portraiture’ campaign of Oxford University…


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