Diran Adebayo

So, ‘Shorts’ kicks off with a couple of stories – tasters (kind-of) for the forthcoming novel, ‘The Ballad of Dizzy and Miss P’. Both feature the ‘Dizzy’ character. A version of ‘P is for PostBlack’ was aired on BBC Radio under the title, ‘Facing Leicester Square’, and also appears in the book ‘Underwords: The Hidden City’, whilst ‘Everything You’re Told is True’, appeared in ‘The Times’ (‘Whose Story’, 2006). The third story, ‘The Unknown Chef’, was dramatised on BBC TV as part of a ‘Horror’ season called ‘The Fear’ a few years back.

Also, a couple of poems in ‘Verse’. I should say I don’t claim to be a poet, but I do do the odd light thing and those I don’t dislike too much I’ll put up here. I’ll throw in some older poems, and some other stories, in future.

You see – pure freeness for my people!