Diran Adebayo

Jan ’06

That time of year – resolutions and what have you. My plan this year is the same as it’s been the last five – no more Mr Nice Guy. Every morning, when I wake, I repeat those words these words to myself: ‘It’s a cold universe. No more Mr Nice…’ etc. I find it works well initially. I can be quite a grumpy one of a morning anyway, and there is a real steeliness about me that first hour. Then is the time to make those ‘more money’ business calls, to send some ruth-free emails, to do the ‘talk to my agent’ kind of numbers. Only I don’t care to spend that early energy and focus on ‘admin’ – I’d prefer to use it to write. And, unfortunately, by the time I’ve rinsed a few tunes, and read a few pages from certain favoured authors to get me into that ‘joy of art’ frame that I like to write in, I’m in quite a jolly way, my ‘Man of Steel’ quite forgotten. These are the dangerous hours – definitely not the time to answer the phone, or I’ll be saying, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes’, sans haggle, to every last request.

Ah, so it goes. La folie des grandeurs … 

One other resolution. Time to declare war, to go on the offensive against the New Health that’s been running things too long. All those aggressively-smug little water carriers etc, conforming the world to their bland specifications. Urgh! Smoking, reading (which, these days, feels pretty illegal too) and one other vice I haven’t decided on – that’s my new dates-policy. You’ve gotta have at least two of the three if you’re gonna tempt this one…

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