Diran Adebayo
Some Kind of Black
Published by Virago (1996) and Abacus (1997)


‘Has the rare, incandescent energy of a story that’s never been told. A classic coming-of-age tale…marks the debut of a serious talent.’

‘ It is difficult to discuss the book without talking in terms of its uniqueness – and without resorting to superlatives…a tremendously rich, subtle and nuanced read.’
The Scotsman

‘A gloriously capable and confident writer…Some Kind of Black is thoughtful, witty and moving…it is refreshing to read something so extrovert and alert…I urge you to read it.’
The Times


Winner, Saga Prize, 1995
Betty Trask Award, 1996
Authors’ Club’s ‘Best First Novel’ Award, 1996
The Writers Guild’s New Writer of the Year, 1996
Longlisted, Booker Prize

Click here for more reviews and press interviews

About ‘Some Kind of Black’ – click here to listen
Dele and Andria in two spots of bother – click here to listen

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