Diran Adebayo

Some links. First, to a link to a ‘Channel 4 News’ debate on the UK Queen’s Jubilee that I took part in:
Youtube link

Chelsea player John Terry after the court verdict. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

Also, to a discussion on BBC’s ‘Today’ programme, about the use of the insult ‘Choc Ice’ in the John Terry- football and race-court case saga…BBC link

The article I wrote for ‘The Observer’ newspaper on wider aspects of the matter is posted in ‘Articles’. There’s also a Sky news interview I did after part 2 of the saga, when former England captain Terry was found guilty by a FA disciplinary panel, but can’t find a decent length clip of it online as yet. Shall post if I do.

My man Nick Barlay is out with a fine, typically off-centre new novel, ‘La Femme d’un Homme Qui’. It’s currently in French only, but here’s a link to a great review….link