Diran Adebayo
I lost my heart in…Durban
(Travel, 'The Guardian') Saturday June 30, 2001

Why? Durban certainly isn’t the prettiest town in the world, but my trip there in September 1994 was the first time I’d been to Africa. My background’s Nigerian, but I was bred over here, so the whole thing was quite emotional for me. South Africa itself is a very peculiar country. The big towns seem so first world that I didn’t feel like I was in Africa at all.Then you notice the light, so strong and bright that it seems like you’ve never seen a proper day before. 

What’s the best thing? There’s a bar there called Jam & Co where I met someone who really made Durban a special place. It’s a big Zulu hangout, full of the most amazing characters. I was drinking the local brew, milk stout, and I looked over to the pool table and saw a woman in a long trenchcoat and a big soft leather hat. She was shooting pool fiercely, taking on all the men and beating them. Her name was Bushy, which means blessed monkey. She was half-Sotho, half-Swazi. I hooked up with her and she came to be a great friend….

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